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We welcome you to our homepage. We - that's Andrey from Baden-Wurttemberg and Mario from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. We are both experienced collectors of these small round pieces of art which the National Bank of Belarus has issued so successfully since more than one decade.

We have both close relations to Belarus, visit the country regularly and also know very well the specific linguistic features. Those who have ever been to this country, cannot understand, why there are always only bad headlines from there. At least from the numismatic point of view the National Bank there does an excellent job. Meanwhile this has also been recognized worldwide. Byelorussian coins receive several international awards nearly regularly. For any real collector not only collecting 'treasures' is important, but also knowing more about them. For many World coins there isn't any problem, there is a lot of literature in almost every language of the world. But looking at Byelorussian coins the situation is quite different. Even in the most recognized numismatic catalogues there is no full information on these coins. Besides, even in the Byelorussian capital, the city of Minsk, it is very hard to find any literature on this theme.

And that was why we started thinking about bundling all information at hand. Our objective is to supply you with all necessary information about Belarussian coins. On our pages you will always find the most topical news about the collector's coins on the English-speaking Internet. Our aim is to help all collectors who don't know the Belorussian and also the Russian language, because these are very often cut off from the important and interesting background information.

We have begun to form a new homepage during the last weeks. We will deliver descriptions to all coins, because there are not many people who know who 'Vincent Dunin-Marzinkevich' is or the 'Legend of the stork'. Further we will develop the Ebay statistics, covering more than 4000 prices at the moment . We will translate interesting articles on the subject 'Coins of Belarus' and introduce some designers of the National Bank to you. With us you will get to know which coin won one of the popular international prices when and where . And of course we will keep you up-to-date about topical new releases.
It is worthwhile to look at our site regularly.
We are grateful for every hint and every suggestion, also objective criticism will help us.
Please, use the contact form.

Enjoy our site!

Andrey and Mario