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List of Commemorative Coins of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
planned for the issue in 2011:


•  Coin „Polatzk. Hanseatic League“

•  Coins of „Slavs' Family Traditions“ Series
•  „Maternity“

•  „The World Of Our Children“ *

•  „Sailing Ships“ Series

•  „Cutty Sark“

•  „Kruzenstern“

•  Coin „My Love“

•  Coin of „Dances of the People of the World“ Series

- Coins of „Signs of the Zodiac“ Series

•  Pisces

•  Aries

•  Taurus

•  Gemini

•  Cancer

•  Leo

•  Virgo

•  Libra

•  Scorpio

•  Sagittarius

•  Capricorn

•  Aquarius

•  Coins of Orthodox Wonder–working Icons Series

- "Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of Shyrovizk"

- "Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of Kazan"

•  Coins of the „World of Sculpture“ Series

•  „Stone Age Venus of Kostienki“

•  „Aphrodite of Milos“

•  „Davyd“

•  „Voltaire“

•  Coins „M. Bahdanovich. 120 Years“

- Coins of „Belarusian Folk Trades and Crafts“ Series

- „Pottery“

•  Coins „I.Bynizki. 150 Years“

•  Coins of „Strengthening and Defending the State“ Series

•  „Tadeusz Kosciuszko“

•  Coin „M. Aginski“

- Coins of „Bird of the Year“ Series

- „Eurasian Curlew“

•  Coins of the „Cats and Dogs“ Series

- Coins „Erinaceidae“

•  Coin „Erinaceidaes“

•  Coin of „Horses“ Series

•  Coins „Ice Hockey World Championship 2014“

* – Coins issued under the International Program to Mint and Sell Precious Metals Collection Coins of the Eurasian Economic Community Member States