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List of Commemorative Coins of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
planned for the issue in 2010:

Belarus and the World Community
  • Coins The Battle of Grunwald. The 600th Anniversary
  • Coins of Operation Bagration Series
    The 1st Belarusian Front. Rakasousky K.K.
    The 2nd Belarusian Front. Zakharau G.F.
    The 3rd Belarusian Front. Charnyakhousky I.D.
    The 1st Baltic Front. Bagramyan I.H.
  • Coins The 65th Anniversary of the Soviet People's Victory in the Great Patriotic War
  • Coins of Belarus' Faiths Series
    -Judaism. Valozhyn Yeshiva
  • Coins of Slavs' Family Traditions Series
  • Coin I.F. Khrutsky
  • EurAsEC. The 10th Anniversary
  • EurAsEC Nations' Customs and Rites
  • Coin of Fairy Tales of the Peoples of the World Series
  • Coins of Sailing Ships Series
  • Coin My Heart
  • Coins of Orthodox Wonder–working Icons Series
  • Coins of the World of Sculpture Series
  • Coins of Orthodox Churches Series
  • Coin Slavic Woman
  • Coin EXPO–2010
Belarusian History and Culture
  • Coins of Belarusian Folk Legends Series
    - The Legend of the Tortoise
  • Coins of Belarusian Folk Trades and Crafts Series
    - Smithery
  • Coins of Strengthening and Defending the State Series
    - Lew Sapieha
Protection of environment
  • Coins of Bird of the Year Series
    - Kestrel
  • Coins of Belarusian Natural Protected Areas Series
    - The Middle Reaches of the Prypyat River
* – Coins issued under the International Program to Mint and Sell Precious Metals Collection Coins of the Eurasian Economic Community Member States